Radically simplify fintech licensing & banking-as-a-service onboarding

Launchpad is a faster and cheaper alternative for fintechs to onboard with banking services, apply for a license, and create compliance policies.

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Streamlined licensing and authorization for fintechs

Launchpad helps fintechs navigate the complex world of financial regulation and compliance with minimal work.

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Multiple location coverage

We currently support UK, Singapore, Canada, Kenya (upcoming) and expand coverage all the time.

Even if you have not found the country of your interest, please reach out to us and we might be able to find a solution for you.

Launch even faster with our global network of partners

We partnered with a number of banking-as-a-service (BaaS) providers which can help you get your fintech business up and running even before you get your own license.

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Launchpad vs. traditional license applications

Launchpad helps fintechs navigate financial regulation and compliance with minimal work.

Traditional licensing

Time to prepare application pack

3-6 months



Online expert support

Limited and hard to find


Time to prepare application pack

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Available on sign up


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Starting from $7k

Online expert support

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On demand

Customized templates

Our policies, procedures and templates are tailored to a particular license type and jurisdiction, so that you don't have to worry about not meeting regulatory expectations. All that is left is to provide information pertaining to your specific business.

Customized templates
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Expert support

Still not sure about your application or need extra support? We got you covered.

With Launchpad you can get access to additional advisory services from our network of qualified experts to help guide you through the process.

Advisory services

We have expertise in a wide range of financial crime and regulatory compliance topics

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AML/CTF framework setup

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Customer onboarding & KYC process design

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Customer Risk assessment methodology

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Enterprise-wide risk assessments (EWRA)

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Transaction monitoring rules design

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Investigation procedures

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Regulatory reporting

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Crypto compliance

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Support with bank on-boardings

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Partner due diligence

Why Launchpad?

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Save hundreds of hours

Save massive time in preparing complicated documents from scratch.

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Reduce cost and effort spent

On consolidating, understanding and outlining complex regulatory matters.

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1:1 guidance from industry experts

Experts who have years of experience scaling fintech businesses with compliance & regulatory matters across the world.

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Launchpad License Kit

Get methodically curated templates of documents critical to obtaining desired business outcomes.

Our partners

Comply Advantage
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Expert team

Our team has built anomaly detection & financial crime solutions in the world’s most innovative companies

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