After launching in the UK and Singapore, we are thrilled to announce that Launchpad is now available for Canada. Fintechs that want to expand or start their business in Canada can now radically simplify fintech licensing.

With Launchpad, fintechs can easily navigate the complex world of financial regulation and compliance with minimal effort. Our policies, procedures, and templates are tailored for each jurisdiction and license type.

Our process is guided by experts with first-hand experience in implementing and managing fintech compliance & licensing programs at fast-growing fintechs operating at global scale. We offer license kits that include methodically curated templates of documents needed to obtain desired outcomes. We also help fintechs to choose and get on-boarded with suited banking-as-a-service (BaaS) providers as an alternative to getting their own license.

Contact us here to get started with Launchpad!