Pulse: Dynamic customer risk scoring

Pulse automates and streamlines the user risk assessment process with an API-first approach and a no code back office portal.

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Dynamic Risk-scoring for fintechs

Improve your risk assessment capabilities, comply with the newestAML directives while showcasing your capabilities to partners and regulators.Pulse is the new norm in customer risk profiling for AML & fraud use cases. It captures customer behavior for each transaction, continuously monitorsrisk levels, and delivers the results at your fingertips with zero effort.

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Set up risk variables, define algorithms, configure risk assessment logic. No coding, no talking to engineers, no support tickets. All self-serve on an easy-to-use portal.

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Live Updates

Real-time updates across all variables you can imagine: Country risk score, customer nationality, age, business industry, zip code and many more.

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All system inputs are customizable and configurable on demand using the Flagright Console.

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Track Behavior

Ability to assess the risk level of customers based on their behavior and transactions, not only their documents.

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Flagright Pulse
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Flagright Beacon
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How it works

Using both Pulse and Beacon, you'll be able to tailor rules and define thresholds at customer segment and risk profile levels. This enables you to avoid redundant suspensions, minimize false positive, improve user experience, and consequently maximize your CLV, revenue, and profit.

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It's Easy To Get Started

Flagright plans are flexibly suited to accommodate your growth: No upfront fees, usage-based billing. Get started for free, or request a demo to discuss larger projects with more complex needs.