Merchant monitoring

With Flagright AI-enabled monitoring system and a robust rules engine, get real-time KYB updates, transaction alerts, risk mitigation, and improved fraud prevention & risk management.

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Flagright merchant monitoring

Track changes in merchant profiles

Flagright's intelligent analytics, rules engine and risk models identify changes in merchant profiles and notify you of new transactional risk factors that may alter the original risk profile of the merchant.


Eliminate entire manual workstreams

Flagright AI automatically scans data sources to identify any significant changes in any business.


Reliable, fast and centralized source of truth

Get all the information at one place and maximize operational efficiency.


Proactive, ongoing, real-time monitoring

Utilize the updated profiles to track changes in merchants' behavior and mitigate potential risks.

Automated merchant profiling

Flagright AI quickly and automatically collects a wide range of relevant data on merchants and streamlines the risk monitoring.

Automated Merchant Monitoring

Gain insights into a merchant's reputation, customer base and financial health from non-traditional sources like social media and government websites.

Get summarized and categorized data from external data sources and Flagright's internal database automatically.

Manage risk assessment efficiently by analyzing automatically flagged merchant transactions.

Automated Merchant Monitoring

State-of-the-art rules engine

Flagright provides an unmatched suite of advanced rules, augmenting your organization's ability to proactively pinpoint, and tackle suspicious activities in merchant profiles.

Flagright Case Managmenet

Setup and customize various rules to efficiently track changes in merchant profiles and flag suspicious transactions.

Configure various rule parameters to ensure the minimum false positive rate.

Easily identify potential identity thefts and account takeover frauds.

Flagright Case Managmenet

Integrated risk profiling

Flagright's risk scoring engine automatically updates your merchant risk profiles for you based on the latest available information.

Integrated Risk Profiling

Manage AML & fraud risks by using Flagright's robust risk scoring engine to automate ongoing risk updates.

Receive reports & dashboards reflecting the latest changes in user risk distribution.

Customize risk factors to personalize the way you manage the risk profiles of merchants.

Integrated Risk Profiling

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