Case management

Supercharge your financial crime operations. Investigate and collaborate seamlessly. Manage risk while enabling growth.

Case Management

Centralize investigations

Make informed decisions by taking a holistic and contextual view of each customer, including risk score, triggered rules, transactions, and and AI-powered insights.

Streamline collaboration

Work with your team on an intuitive, user-friendly interface powered by advanced workflows.

Put AI to work

Supercharge fincrime operations with Flagright AI to maximize operational efficiency and minimize false positives.

Automate SAR generation

Automate Suspicious Activity Report filing with Flagright's built-in templates and extensive GoAML coverage in 33 countries.

Keep audit trail

Download detailed audit trail reports to ensure cross-team traceability and accountability while meeting regulatory requirements.

Automated case management for streamlined investigations

Maximize productivity with Flagright's flexible case management platform and effectively manage suspicious activity.

  • Automate case creation based on alerts generated by Flagright’s advanced monitoring system.
  • Collaborate with your team to investigate suspicious activity, collect evidence, and manage case management lifecycle.
  • Get real-time notifications on new alerts, escalations, and more on Flagright console or via Slack integration.

Advanced workflows and case lifecycle management across teams and users

Collaborate across multiple departments or team members with advanced workflows. Collect evidence, share with others, never lose track.

  • Ability to add comments and narratives helps stakeholders stay informed about the progress of the investigation.
  • Efficient workflows for assigning, reviewing, and escalating cases to ensure thorough investigations and optimal resource allocation.
  • Role-based access control to ensure appropriate access to case-related information.

Comprehensive reporting for regulatory compliance

Case management software generates reports to meet regulatory requirements, including SAR filings.

  • Automated report generation for efficient and accurate reporting.
  • Customizable report templates based on specific regulatory requirements for each jurisdiction.
  • Secure storage and retrieval of all historical reports on demand.

Do more with Flagright AI

Flagright AI helps you gain deeper insights into suspicious activity, eliminate manual work, automate low-value tasks, and make informed decisions faster!

  • Use CRM integrations to centralize your data and let Flagright AI summarize the correspondence: Decrease investigation times, increase customer satisfaction !
  • Suppress false positive alerts using AI risk scores for AML or fraud use cases and maximize your team performance KPIs.
  • Write case closure or SAR narratives 90% faster using the GPT-powered "Ask Flagright AI" feature.
  • Prioritize better using AI case risk scoring and distribute the workload more effectively.

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