Automate customer risk assessment

Seamlessly calculate customer risk for individuals and merchants. Combine onboarding & behavioural risk using Flagright's dynamic scoring engine.

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Flagright Rules Library
Customer risk evaluation

Get rid of spreadsheets

Transform your customer risk scoring - improve customer onboarding and ongoing risk assessment; eliminate human error, enable risk-based monitoring

Risk factors

Integrated with transaction monitoring system

Transaction monitoring system

Define risk-based thresholds and actions for each rule.

Pre-configured, customizable rules library.

Build custom scenarios to mitigate exposure across AML compliance & fraud risks.

Transaction monitoring system

Pre-configured, customizable risk factors

Risk scores

For B2B and B2C use cases

Customizable across each risk algorithm and risk factor for both B2B and B2C use cases. Transaction risk scoring for fine-tuning the behavioural risk.

No additional integrations

One API for risk assessments, transaction monitoring, and more. Eliminate dependencies to engineering teams as your needs evolve.

Risk scores

Enhanced risk assessment with machine learning

Flagright delivers the best AI/ML models to improve risk assessment precision and operational compliance.

AI risk score

Unmatched accuracy

Cutting-edge machine learning techniques to catapult the accuracy of risk assessment, revolutionizing the way of evaluating risk!

Efficient and compliant

Supercharge operations with maximum efficiency and rock-solid compliance.

AI-powered risk score

Improve the algorithmic dynamic risk profiling with AI risk score without sacrificing efficiency or explainability.

AI risk score

Risk level simulation

Optimize user risk distribution by simulating different risk level adjustments. Improve security, compliance, and risk management precision with dynamic experimentation.

Risk level simulation

Experiment with different score ranges. Simulate variations to visualize their impact on user risk distribution, empowering proactive risk management.

Update risk level configurations on the go as you run tests. Simulate versions to fine-tune user categorization, optimizing security and compliance measures.

Preview risk outcomes and observe trends through simulation history.

Risk level simulation

Designed for developers

Meet the industry’s most robust REST API. A powerful, centralized system abstracted into a single, easy-to-use API. Integrate end-to-end within 4 days.

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