Automate customer risk assessment

Seamlessly calculate customer risk for individuals and merchants. Combine onboarding & behavioural risk using Flagright's dynamic scoring engine.

Pulse, Flagright's AML compliance solution

Get rid of spreadsheets

Transform your customer risk scoring - improve customer onboarding and ongoing risk assessment; eliminate human error, enable risk-based monitoring

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Seamlessly integrate with transaction monitoring

  • Define risk-based thresholds and actions for each rule
  • Pre-configured, customizable rules library
  • Build custom scenarios to mitigate exposure across AML compliance & fraud risks
  • Anonymously and securely collaborate with other fintechs globally
Pulse Beacon

Pre-configured, customizable risk factors

For B2B and B2C use cases

Customizable across each risk algorithm and risk factor for both B2B and B2C use cases. Transaction risk scoring for fine-tuning the behavioural risk.

No additional integrations

One API for risk assessments, transaction monitoring, and more. Eliminate dependencies to engineering teams as your needs evolve.

Made for compliance and fraud teams


Efficient, intuitive, no-code

Console empowers operational teams to work and collaborate more effectively and faster


Endless capabilities, easily configurable

Console enables compliance and fraud teams to be independent and make faster, more reliable decisions.


Get more done

Console users can get 200% increase in productivity with Flagright.

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Sanctions screening
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Risk scoring
"userId": "96647cfd9e8fe66ee0f3362e011e34e8",
"userDetails": { 
  "name": { 
    "firstName": "Baran",  
    "middleName": "Realblood"  
    "lastName": "Ozkan"  
  } ,
  "country": FR 
  "age": 32,  
  "countryOfResidence": "US"  
  "countryOfNationality": "DE"  
  "legalDocuments": [
       "documentType": "passport",  
       "documentNumber": "Z9431P",  
       "documentIssuedDate": 1639939034,  
       "documentExpirationDate": 1839939034,  
       "documentIssuedCountry": "DE",  

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Meet the industry’s most robust REST API. A powerful, centralized system abstracted into a single, easy-to-use API. Integrate end-to-end within 4 days.

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