AI forensics : AI-native AML investigations

Investigations with natural language queries, AI-powered auto-analysis, and decisive recommendations delivering 90% faster and higher quality investigations.

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The modern standard for AML investigations

Harness finely-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs) for investigations and leverage natural language search capabilities to accelerate your AML operations.

Centralized investigative hub

Centralized investigative hub

Access every essential data point through one immersive interface, meticulously designed to augment your team’s investigative capabilities.

Natural language queries

Natural language queries

Navigate complexities with ease. AI native technology understands AML jargon, enabling thorough investigations through simple, intuitive prompts.

Flagright AI foresics sumary

Automated insight summaries

Cut through the noise. AI agents distill vast datasets into clear, actionable summaries, enhancing decision-making with precision.

Decrease investigation times by 90%

Choose from an array of AI-recommended prompts or embrace the freedom of natural language searches.

Flagright AI foresics prompts

Automatic query recommendations

Get automatic recommendations on you investigative flow based on actionable data.

Custom natural language queries

Empower your investigative queries with the simplicity of natural language, tailored for precision and intuitive control over data exploration.

Real-time responses

Access data in a matter of seconds, catapulting your investigation forward with unmatched speed.

Automatic query recommendations with Flagright AI forensics

Augment your team with AI agent

Conduct exhaustive data analysis and get strategic, actionable recommendations with Flagright AI forensics.

Flagright AI foresics auto investigation

Auto-pilot investigation

Conduct exhaustive data analysis and get strategic, actionable recommendations with Flagright AI forensics.

Comprehensive data analysis

AI agent analyses and compiles data, pinpointing significant trends and anomalies.

AI summaries

AI agent distill complex investigation data into clear, concise summaries.

Flagright AI autopilot

Decisive analytics and actionable intelligence

Comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations, empowering teams to make informed decisions swiftly.

Flagright AI foresics observations

Unveiling significant observations

AI agent summarizes the entire investigation into concise, data-driven points.

Action items

Get AI-derived recommendations, setting a clear course for next steps.

Smart AI narratives

AI augments the investigative narrative, articulating findings and recommendations with clarity.

AI forensics recommendation

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