Expert support for tailored AML compliance solutions

Strengthen AML framework with tailored services ranging from program design to hiring support and licensing.

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Flagright Professional Services

Professional services

Unparalleled assistance in configuring AML rules and establishing robust risk factors for enhanced compliance.

AML program design & documentation

Tailored AML programs to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with comprehensive policies, procedures, and advanced technology solutions.

AML Audit

Get tailored AML program that aligns with regulatory requirements and mitigate financial crime risks effectively.

Clear and concise AML policies and procedures that outline the necessary steps to detect, prevent, and report suspicious activities.

Thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, design effective controls, and implement measures to mitigate potential money laundering risks.

Continuous monitoring of AML programs, ensuring compliance with changing regulations and implementing necessary updates to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

AML Audit

AML program audit

Thorough review of  AML program, identifying gaps and providing actionable recommendations for enhanced compliance.

AML audit

Assess the effectiveness of your AML program to identify vulnerabilities and enhance risk mitigation strategies.

Identify gaps in policies, procedures, and controls.

Strengthen compliance measures based on audit findings.

Implement remediation plans for enhanced AML controls.

AML audit

BaaS onboarding support

Seamless onboarding  with BaaS providers, ensuring AML and financial crime compliance throughout the onboarding process.

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Seamless onboarding with BaaS providers, ensuring compliance with AML and financial crime regulations.

Streamline the onboarding process.

Establish robust AML controls for BaaS operations.

Leverage our expertise in BaaS on-boarding for streamlined operations.

Flagright partners

Get MLRO hiring support

Efficiently hire qualified MLROs with compelling job ads, thorough screenings, and interviews tailored to your business needs.

MLRO hiring assistance

Compelling job ads tailored to attract qualified MLRO candidates.

Evaluations to identify the most suitable candidates for your business needs.

Expert interview guidance and assistance at multiple stages of the hiring process.

Customized interview packages designed to meet your specific requirements, including a set number of interview hours per week.

MLRO hiring assistance

Fintech licensing application

End-to-end support through the complex fintech licensing process, from eligibility assessment to comprehensive applications.

Flagright licensing process
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vs. Traditional license applications

Flagright helps fintechs navigate financial regulation and compliance requirements with minimal work.

Flagright licensing
MLRO hiring assistance

Multiple location coverage

We currently support UK, Singapore, Canada, Kenya and expand coverage all the time.

Even if you have not found the country of your interest, please reach out to us and we might be able to find a solution for you.

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