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The power of ‘AI narrative co-pilot’: Pesawise's path to enhanced narrative generator

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In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, staying ahead of the curve in the battle against financial crime is paramount. For Pesawise, a fintech company licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya, the pursuit of excellence in this realm led them to a groundbreaking partnership with Flagright.

What sets this collaboration apart is the deployment of Flagright's innovative AI narrative co-pilot feature. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to craft contextually relevant and comprehensive case closure narratives, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their anti-money laundering (AML) efforts. Here is what Jamal Khan, CEO and co-founder of Pesawise has to say about his experience with Flagright.

A little more about Pesawise

Pesawise was founded with a clear vision: to empower businesses with cutting-edge financial tools and solutions. Their commitment to excellence is underpinned by their status as a regulated and licensed Payment Service Provider, endorsed by the Central Bank of Kenya. This distinction underscores their dedication to adhering to industry standards and regulatory compliance, instilling trust among their clients.

Pesawise offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. These solutions encompass:

  • Card acceptance: Enabling seamless card payments.
  • B2B transactions: Streamlining business-to-business payments.
  • Bank and mobile transfers: Facilitating secure digital transactions.

Challenges faced

Pesawise operates in a highly regulated environment, with stringent requirements set by the Central Bank of Kenya. They faced several challenges in managing and documenting suspicious transactions and cases efficiently:

  1. Manual case documentation - Pesawise's team spent significant time manually writing case closure narratives, which was both time-consuming and prone to human error.
  2. Inconsistent narratives - The manual approach often led to inconsistencies in the case closure narratives, making it challenging for regulators and auditors to understand the context and actions taken.
  3. Resource intensiveness - The resource-intensive nature of manual documentation hindered Pesawise's ability to focus on core business operations.
"As a leading and rapidly expanding financial institution, Pesawise understands the significance of cutting-edge technology, particularly in critical domains like AML. Our choice to explore Flagright's 'AI Narrative Co-Pilot' was motivated not only by its impressive technology but also by the exceptional customer support we encountered.

Flagright's support team demonstrated a profound grasp of our concerns and needs, promptly addressing our queries and ensuring complete clarity on how 'AI Narrative Co-Pilot' could elevate our AML operations."
Jamal Khan
CEO and co-founder
Flagright’s exceptional customer support has played a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of our AML operations. They efficiently address all our requests.
Viktorija Gudeliauskiene
Head of AML Operations at kevin.
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Experience the Future of AML compliance using Flagright's ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ - The Power of Automation in Financial Compliance.

Flagright’s AI narrative co-pilot in action

Flagright's ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ is Pesawise's AI-powered solution for efficient AML case closure narratives. It leverages AI to streamline narrative creation based on historical AML data, aiding Pesawise in producing automated, templated narratives.

  1. Data ingestion and analysis - ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ rigorously analyzes vast data, encompassing transaction records, customer profiles, historical case narratives, and contextual details, sourced from Pesawise's previous AML cases and alerts.
  2. Machine learning algorithms - ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ uses machine learning algorithms trained on Pesawise's historical data to detect AML-specific patterns, including suspicious transaction types, customer behaviours, and key risk indicators from Pesawise's cases.
  3. Contextual understanding
- ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ excels in grasping Pesawise's case context, identifying financial activity types, involved parties, alert severity, and relevant mitigating or aggravating factors, all customized for Pesawise's operations.
  4. Template generation - Leveraging its analysis and contextual understanding of Pesawise's data, the ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ generates automated case closure templates. These templates align seamlessly with Pesawise's needs, comprising sections for critical details, risk assessments, and recommended actions.
  5. Content generation - 'AI narrative co-pilot’ fills the templates with specific information from Pesawise's current case, smoothly extracting and integrating relevant data points from alerts or case history for highly customized narratives.
  6. Review and editing - ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ automates narrative generation but permits human review and editing. Pesawise's compliance officers or analysts can refine the generated narratives, incorporating context or insights to align with Pesawise's specific processes.
  7. Standardization and compliance - ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ ensures strict standardization in Pesawise's narrative creation, crucial for regulatory compliance and audits, guaranteeing consistent documentation of essential information.
  8. Time and resource savings - ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ reduces Pesawise's compliance teams' time and effort by automating case closure narrative creation. This efficiency allows Pesawise to allocate resources more effectively to complex tasks and investigations.
  9. Continuous learning - ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ continually learns and adapts by processing new Pesawise cases and alerts, enhancing its narrative generation capabilities to address evolving AML challenges more effectively.

How Flagright systems alleviated Pesawise’s concerns on security and privacy?

Pesawise had significant concerns regarding the security and privacy of their financial data, especially in the context of regulatory compliance. Flagright's system alleviated these worries by implementing robust data encryption, access controls, and automated compliance reporting. Additionally, Flagright followed certain key measures to ensure -

  1. Complete transparency to the customer -
Flagright places a strong emphasis on transparency, ensuring that Pesawise is fully informed about how their data is being used. They provide clear documentation and communication regarding data handling, model deployment, and any potential risks associated with the AI system.
  2. Data siloing -
Flagright ensures that Pesawise's data remains isolated within their systems. This means that Pesawise's data is not mixed with data from other sources or clients, reducing the risk of data leakage or unauthorized access.
  3. Data control -
Flagright gives Pesawise granular control over what data is shared with the AI model. Pesawise can define which specific data points are sent to the model, allowing them to withhold sensitive information while still benefiting from AI.
  4. Model Selection
- Flagright provides Pesawise with the flexibility to choose from different AI models. This allows Pesawise to select the model that aligns best with their security and privacy requirements, ensuring that they have options that suit their specific needs.

As Jihan Imam, Risk and Compliance manager at Pesawise, expressed,

Flagright's system has been instrumental in addressing our security and privacy concerns. It has allowed us to manage sensitive data effectively while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, Flagright's ‘AI narrative co-pilot’ delivered tangible benefits to Pesawise by streamlining their compliance processes. It eliminated the manual effort required for case documentation, improved accuracy, and ensured regulatory compliance. This solution allowed Pesawise to allocate their resources more strategically, enhancing their overall operational efficiency and risk management capabilities. As a trusted partner, Flagright continues to support Pesawise in their commitment to transforming businesses while maintaining the highest standards of financial security.

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