Secure your business with sanctions screening

Reduce your financial crime risk by screening against the most current sanctions, PEP, and adverse media data globally.

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Sanctions, PEP and media checks on a centralized platform for all AML compliance needs

Bring all your data on a no-code, powerful platform to maximize the efficacy of AML compliance operations.

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Combine screening with transaction monitoring, customer risk assessment & more.

  • Real-time, risk-based transaction monitoring for AML compliance & fraud prevention.
  • Transform customer risk assessment for onboarding & transaction risk, get rid of spreadsheets.
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Reliable, global data sources

We support and frequently update our data sources from global lists including OFAC, HM Treasury, UN, and EU to deliver you relevant and up-to-date information.

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Protect your
organization and users

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Global data about financial penalties imposed on institutions by governments.

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Identify politically exposed parties and accurately assess your customers‘ risk exposure.

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Adverse Media

View negative mentions of business and consumer users in the news.

screening & case management

  • Automatically screen all new customers
  • Get a complete, unified picture of risky customers and transactions
  • Flexible configuration options to minimize false positives
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Sanctions Screening
"userId": "96647cfd9e8fe66ee0f3362e011e34e8",
"userDetails": { 
  "name": { 
    "firstName": "Robert",  
    "middleName": "Gabriel"  
    "lastName": "Mugabe"  
  } ,
  "country": FR 
  "age": 32,  
  "countryOfResidence": "US"  
  "countryOfNationality": "DE"  
  "legalDocuments": [
       "documentType": "passport",  
       "documentNumber": "Z9431P",  
       "documentIssuedDate": 1639939034,  
       "documentExpirationDate": 1839939034,  
       "documentIssuedCountry": "DE",  

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