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How Flagright integrated in a week to build a reliable AML compliance & Fraud prevention system for ‘kevin.’

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As the fastest-growing fintech in Europe, ‘kevin.’ recognizes the paramount importance of staying ahead in the financial services landscape, particularly when it comes to combating financial crime. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has brought them into a dynamic collaboration with Flagright, a pioneer in cutting-edge AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions.

This partnership is distinguished by ‘kevin.'s’ adoption of Flagright's advanced technology-driven solutions, which fortify their financial security measures against money laundering and fraud. To delve into the transformative journey of this collaboration, we engaged in a conversation with Kęstutis Dalinkevičius, Engineering Team Lead at ‘kevin.’, and Madhu Nadig, the Co-founder and CTO of Flagright.

A glimpse into ‘kevin.’ - Europe's fastest-growing Fintech

Meet 'kevin.' – the fastest-growing fintech sensation in Europe, leading the charge in redefining online transactions. 'kevin.' is on a mission to revolutionize digital payments, offering a secure and cost-effective solution that has captured the attention of the financial world. At the core of their platform lies the foundation of open banking principles, establishing direct connections with banks and eliminating the need for third-party aggregators. Specializing in seamless mobile and Point of Sale (POS) payments, 'kevin.' frees customers from the burden of expensive card transactions by facilitating direct payments from their bank accounts.

Flagright’s exceptional customer support has played a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of our AML operations. They efficiently address all our requests.
Viktorija Gudeliauskiene
Head of AML Operations at kevin.
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Challenges faced

In today's financial landscape, compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and the prevention of fraudulent activities pose substantial challenges. These challenges are not limited to traditional financial institutions but also affect fintech and neobanks. ‘kevin.’ encountered several hurdles in its efforts to meet AML compliance and fraud prevention requirements:

  1. Traditional solutions inefficiency - Traditional approaches to AML and fraud prevention were characterized by high costs, time-consuming processes, and a significant demand for technical resources, highlighting the need for more efficient alternatives.
  2. Integration complexity - Integrating AML and fraud prevention solutions into ‘kevin.'s’ existing tech stack was perceived as a complex and resource-intensive task.

Supercharging ‘kevin.’ with cutting-edge solutions to safeguard financial integrity

Integrating Flagright's solutions

Kęstutis Dalinkevičius, Engineering Team Lead at ‘kevin.’, shared his experience with integrating Flagright's AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions into their tech stack. He highlighted that the process was surprisingly straightforward:

  • Flagright's intuitive entity-oriented API proved to be consistent and scalable.
  • ‘kevin.’ effortlessly mapped its internal entities into Flagright's flexible and extensive schema.
  • Flagright's solutions are not only intuitive but also scalable, accommodating ‘kevin.'s’ specific needs and ensuring flexibility in adapting to future challenges.
  • Flagright's well-documented solutions and their highly responsive, efficient technical support are truly commendable and greatly appreciated.

Madhu Nadig, Co-founder and CTO of Flagright, emphasized the importance of simplifying AML compliance and fraud prevention:

  • Flagright's API-driven platform is intuitively designed for easy integration into existing tech stacks, reducing the reliance on extensive technical resources.
  • Comprehensive documentation and responsive technical support ensure a seamless integration process, guaranteeing a smooth transition.
  • The integration process, remarkably, was successfully completed in just 5 days, surpassing all expectations.

Impact and efficiency

Both Kęstutis and Madhu reported substantial improvements in AML compliance and fraud prevention after integrating Flagright's solutions.

How Flagright alleviated ‘kevin.’s’ concerns on security and privacy?

Flagright not only provided AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions to ‘kevin.’ but also addressed their concerns regarding security and privacy. Here's how Flagright alleviated ‘kevin.'s’ concerns in the case study”

  1. Secure integration process: Flagright seamlessly integrated their systems in just 5 days, prioritizing the security of ‘kevin.'s’ sensitive financial data. With an impressive uptime of 99.99% in the last 6 months, Flagright demonstrates their commitment to reliability and data protection.
  2. Reliable platform: Flagright's SOC2 and ISO-compliant platform ensures secure and reliable AML compliance and fraud prevention. With seamless integration in just 5 days, Flagright prioritizes the protection of sensitive financial data.
  3. Data protection: Flagright places utmost importance on data protection. Recognizing the sensitivity of customer information and transaction data, Flagright adheres to best practices to ensure privacy and data security. This approach reassured ‘kevin.’, easing their concerns about potential breaches.
  4. Compliance with regulatory standards: Flagright's system enabled ‘kevin.’ to achieve effective compliance with regulators by ensuring adherence to regulatory standards within the financial industry.


Flagright's AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions have empowered ‘kevin.’ to achieve compliance objectives efficiently, fortifying financial security and safeguarding customers. With seamless integration in just one week, Flagright prioritizes reliability and faster integration. The high-speed API ensures optimal performance, making Flagright the preferred choice for advanced solutions in this field.

In summary, Flagright's innovative solutions revolutionize ‘kevin.'s’ operations, streamlining compliance, enhancing risk management, and improving security. With reliable integration and high-performance API, Flagright ensures efficient compliance, making it the top choice for financial institutions.

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