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Fingo Africa & Flagright: Boosting Digital Banking Security in Emerging Markets

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Fingo Africa stands out as Kenya's leading digital-only banking platform, catering to the youth with groundbreaking financial services. As the first Neobank in Kenya to receive a nod from the regulator to launch with Ecobank, they recognized the need for a comprehensive financial crime prevention and real-time transaction monitoring solution.

Flagright’s exceptional customer support has played a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of our AML operations. They efficiently address all our requests.
Viktorija Gudeliauskiene
Head of AML Operations at kevin.
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If I could, I would go back and implement it 12 months earlier. - Starts Ian Njuguna, Co-founder and CTO

"Our collaboration with Flagright was a decisive move to embed state-of-the-art AML and fraud prevention capabilities into our core systems," Ian Njuguna, Co-founder and CTO of Fingo Africa, reflects on the partnership's inception.

The Challenge

As Fingo Africa captured the hearts and wallets of young Kenyans, the intricacies of managing a growing platform became clear.

The need for an agile solution that could integrate seamlessly with their platform and scale according to their growing user base was clear.

"We needed a partner who could understand the nuances of the African market and bring international standards of fraud prevention and AML compliance to our doorstep," Ian elaborates.

The expansion brought with it increased exposure to financial threats, necessitating a defense mechanism that could evolve as rapidly as the threats themselves. This situation was further complicated by the dynamic regulatory landscape in Kenya, which required Fingo Africa to swiftly adapt to new regulations without disrupting their service or compromising security.

Moreover, as the platform grew, so did the requirement for a solution that was not only scalable but also capable of seamless integration with the existing technological infrastructure. This was essential to support Fingo Africa's growth ambitions without sacrificing performance or user experience.

In facing these multifaceted challenges, Fingo Africa sought a partner in Flagright, whose expertise in delivering customized, cutting-edge solutions promised to address their immediate needs while providing the scalability and adaptability necessary for future growth. This collaboration aimed to fortify Fingo Africa's platform against the evolving landscape of digital threats and regulatory requirements, ensuring its position as a secure and compliant digital banking leader in Kenya.

Flagright's Role: A Game-Changer in Compliance and Security

Baran Ozkan, Flagright's co-founder and CEO, saw the partnership with Fingo Africa as an opportunity to demonstrate the adaptability and effectiveness of their solutions in emerging markets.

This collaboration was more than just integrating a set of tools; it was about building a synergy between Flagright’s innovative technologies and Fingo Africa’s pioneering digital banking services. "We saw in Fingo Africa a partner with the ambition to redefine digital banking for the youth of Kenya. Our role was to ensure that this ambition was secured on a foundation of robust compliance and security," Baran elucidates on the synergy between the two companies.

The integration of Flagright’s solutions into Fingo Africa's platform was a showcase of efficiency and technical prowess. "The agility of Flagright's technology allowed for a swift integration, going from initial setup to full operational status in just one week. This rapid deployment was critical in maintaining our momentum and ensuring that our growth was not hindered by security and compliance concerns," Ian recounts the seamless integration process.

Baran adds, "Our team was committed to not just delivering our solutions but ensuring they integrated seamlessly with Fingo Africa’s operations. The speed of our deployment is a testament to the dedication of our support team and the adaptability of our technology."

The integration process highlighted Flagright's commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.

This partnership was characterized by a continuous dialogue between Flagright and Fingo Africa, facilitating an environment where solutions could be rapidly adapted and scaled according to evolving needs. "Flagright’s team was always on hand, ready to tweak and adjust the systems as our platform grew and as new challenges emerged. Their support has been invaluable in keeping our platform secure and compliant," Ian appreciates the ongoing support and adaptability that Flagright provided.

The Solution and Its Direct Impact

Flagright's deployment at Fingo Africa involved a sophisticated suite of solutions, notably the rule-scenario builder for dynamic fraud detection and an automated suspicious activity reporting (SAR) system for seamless AML adherence. These tools were not just technological advancements but strategic enablers for Fingo Africa's operations.

Sophisticated Rule-Scenario Builder:

This flexibility led to a dynamic improvement in fraud detection accuracy, with the system adapting to evolving fraud patterns, thereby reducing false positives and improving customer experience.


"This solution specifically contributed to a 98% improvement in our fraud detection accuracy and a reduction in customer transaction friction by 80%, enhancing both security and user satisfaction," Ian quantifies the benefits.

Automated Suspicious Activity Reporting:

"Flagright's automated suspicious activity reporting revolutionized how we manage and report on AML compliance," Ian states. This feature streamlined the reporting process, ensuring timely and accurate compliance data submission to regulatory bodies.


"By automating SAR reporting, we not only ensured a 100% on-time reporting rate but also improved our regulatory compliance score by 95%, demonstrating our commitment to meeting stringent regulatory standards efficiently," Ian details the regulatory compliance improvements.


The journey of Fingo Africa and Flagright is a compelling narrative of innovation, collaboration, and transformation. It underscores the potential of strategic partnerships to address the challenges of digital banking, setting new benchmarks for security and compliance in the fintech sector.

"As we look ahead, our partnership with Flagright remains a cornerstone of our strategy to empower the youth of Africa with safe, reliable, and innovative banking solutions," Ian concludes, envisioning a future where digital banking is synonymous with unparalleled security and trust.

This case study serves as a testament to Flagright's capability to revolutionize AML compliance and fraud prevention for fintechs and banks, ensuring their operations are not just efficient but also secure against the ever-evolving landscape of financial crimes.

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