Real-time transaction monitoring

Real-time, risk-based transaction monitoring for AML compliance & fraud prevention. Create and manage your rules on Flagright’s centralized, no-code platform.


Ideal for real-time & post-monitoring use cases

Flagright transaction monitoring is a high-performance, high-reliability system with sub-second API response times. It can perform complex aggregations & analysis, enabling a range of use cases for suspicious activity detection, real-time and post-monitoring alike.


Pre-configured, customizable rules library

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No-code platform

Build and maintain your rules library with no coding on a centralized, intuitive, flexible platform.


Advanced filters

Create complex rules with advanced filters, target specific user segments or transactions using a variety of filters, such as geographical, device-related, behavioral, KYC-related, financial, or transactional.

Rule Filters

Rule simulation

Experiment with different rule configurations in a risk-free simulation environment. Optimal rule configurations drastically reduce false positives and ensure effective risk management.

See how tweaking the rules affects your database in real-time. Simulate multiple rule versions at once without affecting the preconfigured rules.

Update rule configurations on the go as you run simulations.

Analyze past simulation results and learn which configurations performed the best.

Dynamic risk-based transaction monitoring

Our risk scoring engine enables risk-based transaction monitoring to automate your risk-based approach for transaction monitoring.

  • Define risk-based thresholds and actions for each rule
  • Steer business risk appetite within seconds and take action against fast-evolving risks
  • Automate behavioral risk analysis and build custom scenarios to mitigate exposure across AML compliance & fraud risks
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Be on the cutting-edge of fincrime prevention

Rule recommendations

Get rule recommendations based on the most frequently used rules across 6 continents.

Rule insights

Detect misconfigured rules in place of uncover potential misconfigurations in rules.


Entity linking

Follow the money

Trace transactional links and pinpoint how funds move across different users and entities, enabling the identification of patterns and potential money laundering activities.

Analyze how users are connected

Gain insights into the intricate web of relationships between various users. Shed light on hidden associations, fake identities, and organized groups.

Investigate the links among users

Dive into the specifics and uncover shared attributes such as email address, IP address, bank account number, shareholders and more!

Pulse Beacon

Centralize operations & stop wasting resources

Efficient, intuitive, no-code

Console empowers operational teams work and collaborate more effectively and faster.

Endless capabilities, easily configurable

Console enables compliance and fraud teams to be independent and make faster, more reliable decisions.

Get more done

Console users can get a 200% increase in productivity, using Flagright.

Transaction Monitoring
"transactionId": "7b80a539eea6e78acbd6d458e5971482",  
  "country": "DE",  
  "transactionAmount": 800,  
  "transactionCurrency": "EUR",  
  } ,
  "country": "IN",  
  "transactionAmount": 68351.34,  
  "transactionCurrency": "INR",  
  } ,
  "timestamp": 1641654664,  
  "method": "CARD",  
  "cardFingerprint": "20ac00fed8ef913aefb17cfae1097cce",  
  "cardIssuedCountry": "US",  
  "transactionReferenceField": "Deposit",  
  "3dsDone": true  
  } ,
  "method": "CARD",  
  "cardFingerprint": "20ac00fed8ef913aefb17cfae1097cce",  
  "cardIssuedCountry": "IN",  
  "transactionReferenceField": "Deposit",  
  "3dsDone": true  
  } ,

Designed for developers

Meet the industry’s most robust REST API. A powerful, centralized system abstracted into a single, easy-to-use API. Integrate end-to-end within 4 days.

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