Flagright and Ondato Forge Strategic Partnership, Revolutionizing Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Flagright, a global leader in combating financial crime, and Ondato, a leading force in the transformation of Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes, today announced a significant strategic partnership. This collaborative alliance is set to revolutionize compliance solutions and fraud prevention for financial institutions across the globe.

Ondato's platform, designed to streamline KYC and AML procedures, will enrich the capabilities of Flagright's comprehensive solution for financial crime prevention. The harmonious integration of the two platforms will enable prospects to tackle their regulatory requirements more efficiently in an increasingly complex and dynamic financial landscape.

"In an era where seamless digital onboarding and effective compliance management are paramount, Ondato stands as a beacon of innovation," said Baran Ozkan, Co-founder & CEO at Flagright. "Their holistic approach to transform compliance from a bottleneck into a strategic asset aligns with our mission at Flagright. We foresee immense value and enhanced security for our current and prospective customers, reinforcing their trust in our commitment to safeguard their operations.”

Expressing a similar sentiment, the Head Of Partnerships at Ondato, Povilas Steikūnas, voiced his enthusiasm for the partnership. "Povilas said, "We greatly admire Flagright's commitment to fighting financial crime and enhancing the compliance landscape. This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for us to work together in providing robust and advanced solutions to financial institutions around the world."

As financial crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the importance of this partnership between Flagright and Ondato cannot be overstated. By uniting the strengths of both companies, the partnership will significantly enhance fraud prevention strategies and compliance capabilities, offering unmatched protection for financial institutions worldwide.

About Flagright

Flagright is a global leader in the fight against financial crime, specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and fraud prevention. Offering a unified, robust solution, Flagright merges numerous compliance tools into a single user-friendly package, including real-time transaction monitoring, case management, customer risk assessment, and sanctions screening. Flagright is dedicated to exceeding industry standards in meeting regulatory requirements and protecting against financial crime threats globally.

About Ondato

Ondato is redefining the landscape of KYC and AML processes, transforming compliance from a hassle into a business benefit. Headquartered in London, Ondato's highly-experienced team developed the Ondato OS platform. This new technology category integrates all the KYC and AML tools and services needed by online businesses to onboard customers quickly and safely, providing greater efficiency, reduced operating costs, and minimized risk of interventions and fines from regulatory authorities.

For more information: https://ondato.com/