Flagright has announced a strategic partnership with AiPrise to deliver best-in-class identity verification solutions globally via a unified API. This expands Flagright's product offerings to provide identity verification and KYC services and helps operational teams centralize their work on a single tool for case management & reporting.

KYC/KYB is a fundamental pillar in stopping malicious actors and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our partnership with AiPrise enables us to deliver the best-in-class products from the likes of Veriff, Sumsub, Smile ID, IDology,, and more via a unified API directly to our customers. It helps our customers centralize their fraud and compliance operations on Flagright’s Console back office portal alongside transaction monitoring, blockchain analytics, and sanctions screening capabilities.” — Baran Özkan, Flagright Co-founder & CEO

Identity verification can be challenging for fast-growing companies expanding to unique geographies. This is because finding individual providers in each geography to maximize quality is time-consuming and labor-intensive with long integration times. This also leads to compliance teams using multiple back-office dashboards, decreasing operational efficiency and increased cost for financial institutions.

Our strategic partnership with Flagright enables AiPrise to strengthen its commitment to providing our customers with the best-in-class global KYC and KYB solution and an additional layer of security and compliance through a unified API, which will set a new industry standard” — Chaitanya Sarda, AiPrise Founder

About AiPrise

AiPrise makes identity verification simple, offering a one-stop solution with pre-integrated identity verification & fraud detection APIs to pick and choose from through a single platform and build the identity stack as the customer grows.

AiPrise makes it easier than ever to find suspicious device sign-ups, stolen identities, and bad IP addresses by offering customizable verification workflows that connect with different APIs. With their powerful SDKs, subtle device data and fingerprints can be captured in a privacy-friendly way, and used with predefined country-based templates to get compliant in a day.

For more information, visit: www.aiprise.com

About Flagright

Flagright aims to make AML compliance tools accessible and to give fintechs and startups the tools they need to fight financial crime globally. Offering real-time transaction monitoring, customer risk profiling, automated fintech licensing, and other partner-enabled services like sanctions screening and crypto screening through a back office platform that doesn't require any code.

Flagright's developer-friendly API and no-code back office enable fintechs to easily build up all of the necessary infrastructure for AML and fraud prevention in 4-10 days, accelerating the company's mission of helping fintechs and startups prevent and protect themselves from crime.

For more information, visit: www.flagright.com