Flagright Welcomes Capi Money as its Latest Customer to Transform International Payments for African Businesses

Flagright, a global leader in AI-powered Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and fraud prevention solutions, is proud to announce Capi Money as its latest customer. Capi Money, a revolutionary financial service provider, is dedicated to facilitating seamless international payments for businesses in Africa.

Capi Money addresses a significant challenge faced by African importers – the high cost and lengthy wait times associated with settling overseas invoices. Capi Money's mission is to provide African businesses with the same pricing and speed for international transactions as their counterparts in the US and Europe, thereby eliminating the hassle of overseas payments.

Mitch Riley, Co-founder & CEO of Capi Money, expresses his enthusiasm about the collaboration: "Partnering with Flagright is a game-changer for us. Their advanced AML and fraud prevention solutions will greatly enhance the security and efficiency of our international payment services, ensuring our customers can transact with confidence and ease."

Flagright's cutting-edge technology will empower Capi Money to offer a secure and seamless experience for businesses needing access to major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, or RMB for their invoices. This collaboration underlines both companies' commitment to innovating financial services and enhancing the economic prospects of African businesses.

Baran Ozkan, co-founder and CEO of Flagright, comments on the partnership: "We are excited to work with Capi Money in transforming the way African businesses handle international payments. Our technology aligns perfectly with Capi Money's vision of efficient and secure financial transactions, setting a new standard in the industry."

About Flagright

Flagright is a global provider of AI-powered AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions. Its comprehensive suite includes real-time transaction monitoring, case management, customer risk assessment, and sanctions screening, and more, all accessible through a user-friendly, no-code platform.

About Capi Money

Capi Money is an innovative financial service provider focused on revolutionizing international payments for businesses in Africa. By offering affordable and reliable foreign currency access and reducing the cost of international payments, Capi Money is helping African businesses overcome traditional banking barriers and increase their margins.

Learn more about Capi Money here: https://capimoney.com/