In this edition of our Customer Spotlight series, we're thrilled to feature an in-depth conversation with Leonardo Prado Correa, the Head of AML and Compliance at Ziina, the pioneering financial platform reinventing the financial market in the Middle East. Through a blend of narrative storytelling and direct dialogue, we explore Leonardo's journey, the pivotal role Flagright plays at Ziina, and the future of compliance and AML in the fintech industry.

A Journey of Challenge and Innovation

Leonardo's career is a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of Compliance, AML, Fraud, and Risk Management. With experiences ranging from independent audit at PWC to restructuring compliance departments at traditional banks and participating on Nubank hyper growth building a global framework to scale AML, he brings a wealth of experience to Ziina.

Leonardo on the move to Ziina: "The challenge of building a compliance framework from scratch in a new country and regulatory environment was too compelling... I believed in Ziina's vision to reinvent the financial market in the Middle East."

Discovering Flagright

When Ziina was looking for a scalable and robust solution for transaction monitoring and customer risk assessment, Flagright stood out as the partner of choice due to its ability to offer customized solutions tailored to Ziina's needs.

Leonardo explains the decision for Flagright: "I was introduced to Flagright during my discussions with Ziina. It was clear from the start that Flagright offered the robust and scalable solution we needed for our AML and transaction monitoring requirements."

Impact and Innovation

The collaboration between Ziina and Flagright has led to significant advancements in Ziina's approach to compliance and AML, notably in automating transaction monitoring and developing a comprehensive customer risk assessment model.

Leonardo on the impact: "Flagright has been instrumental, especially in customer risk assessment and transaction monitoring... We've automated these processes, enhancing our compliance framework significantly."

Looking Ahead

As Ziina continues to grow, the partnership with Flagright remains a cornerstone of its strategy. Leonardo envisions a future where Flagright's evolving solutions continue to play a critical role in supporting Ziina's expansion.

Leonardo's vision for the future: "As we grow, I see Flagright growing with us, providing scalable and advanced solutions that align with our evolving needs... I'm particularly excited about the potential for integrating fraud monitoring and comprehensive compliance frameworks."

Recommendations and Reflections

Leonardo's endorsement of Flagright goes beyond the solutions it provides; he highlights the exceptional customer support and collaborative problem-solving approach as key factors that set Flagright apart.

Advice from Leonardo: "For those navigating the complexities of compliance and AML, understanding the big picture and breaking it down into manageable solutions is essential."

Beyond Work: The Man Behind the Mission

Away from the office, Leonardo's passions range from sports like basketball and skydiving to cooking and spending time with family and friends, embodying his belief in managing risks while living life to the fullest.

Leonardo shares his hobbies: "I enjoy basketball, skydiving, surfing... I'm passionate about sports and adventure, which is matched only by my dedication to risk management."

In Conclusion

Leonardo compliments: "I often praise Flagright for its exceptional customer support and the speed at which they address and customize solutions for our needs."

Flagright is leading the charge in providing innovative compliance and AML solutions for the financial sector. Dedicated to excellence, customization, and unparalleled support, Flagright empowers businesses like Ziina to meet the complex challenges of today's regulatory environment.