Flagright Welcomes Banked as a Customer in Their Fight Against Financial Crime

Flagright, a trusted provider of AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions, is delighted to announce Banked as its newest customer, marking a significant partnership that aims to revolutionize digital payment security.

Banked, a global fintech building a next-gen payment network, is reimagining mainstream payment methods and the current infrastructure facilitating digital payments around the world. Their account-to-account payment solutions are focused on offering a fairer, faster and highly secure payment experience for merchants and consumers. Partnering with Flagright represents a powerful synergy of shared commitments to secure, efficient, and fair financial transactions.

"We are excited to onboard Banked and provide them with the robust security measures necessary for their innovative digital payments network," stated Baran Ozkan, co-founder and CEO of Flagright. "Our advanced technology and best-in-class solutions will deliver comprehensive anti-fraud measures and unwavering AML compliance, significantly enhancing the security of their services.”

John Fernandez, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Banked, shares the excitement. "Partnering with Flagright to fortify our compliance and security measures aligns very well with our commitment to a seamless and secure payment experience for our customers. Their strong track record in AML compliance and fraud prevention made the choice clear."

Flagright's flexible, no-code platform will allow Banked to easily integrate AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions, promoting secure transactions and reducing financial crime. This partnership represents a milestone in both companies' pursuits of a safer, more efficient global financial system.

About Flagright

Flagright is a global provider of AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions for fintechs and neobanks. The platform helps financial institutions of all sizes stop financial crimes, secure their payments, and navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, offering the industry's fastest integration time of 1 week on average.

About Banked

Banked is creating a new global payments network and providing a flexible alternative to mainstream payment methods. With Banked, consumers can pay directly using their bank without entering any financial data. There is no need to create an account or share financial details; authorization is biometric, and the merchant receives the funds in full and in real-time. Businesses benefit from up to 90% lower fees than traditional payment methods and virtually no fraud, promoting lower prices for consumers. Banked also enables businesses to drive customer engagement and loyalty with incentives and rewards integrated into the payment experience. The company has offices in London, Palo Alto, Sydney, Melbourne and Lithuania. For more information, visit www.banked.com.